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Elizabeth Regina

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Friday, January 15th, 2016
11:42 am - On this day....
On this day in the Year of Our Lord 1559, I ascended the throne of England.

How I miss this journal and interacting with everyone. Perhaps we can return to that golden age once again.

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Monday, December 6th, 2010
6:09 pm - OOC:
I have come to the conclusion that since this account is not a permanent account, and I have migrated my work to both Pan Historia and to Dreamwidth, I will not renew the account here on Livejournal. I am completly dissatisfied with the direction that Livejournal is taking and as such, I refuse to contribute any more monies to them than I already have.

You can find me under the same user name at Dreamwidth or also at my own website, Pan Historia

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Saturday, November 6th, 2010
7:05 pm - Quote Fun
"It's never been confirmed that Elizabeth I was a virgin. It's like the Virgin Mary - it's about branding, a logo. To use a modern term, Elizabeth was actually a bit of a slut." - Dane Helen Mirren

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
9:17 am - charloft Munday - 09/06/10
Tell us in what ways you manifest character development. Does a reckless character settle down? Does a poor student dedicate themselves to study and improvement?

With Elizabeth, I cannot really see representing her any way other than the way that she was in life. That would do a disservice to the woman and monarch that she was. Elizabeth Tudor was definitely the product of both of her parents. In "developing" an historical muse, I read as much of her histories as possible and yet, I try to see a little bit underneath what we know historically. Some might call it psychoanalizing someone, I would call it letting the character be who he or she is. That can mean, of course, being absolutey surprised by their reaction to something. What any of us might think of as no big deal, sometimes a muse, particularly this muse, can react vehemently. In that case, I just sort of take dictation, type it out and report it as it unfolds. If it works, great, if it ends up being a self indulgent wank-fest, I simply toss it over my shoulder and try again.

Muse: Elizabeth I
Fandom: Historical, 'Elizabeth' & 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'
Word Count: 190

current mood: calm

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Monday, December 14th, 2009
3:37 pm - elitist_bitches 4B.3 - 10 Things Someone Should Never Say To You
There have been a few things that it was probably better if the speaker had thought twice before saying them to me. Certainly it is not wise to take a Prince to task, and it is certainly ill-advised to do so with impugnity and no mind to who else might be present. Read more...Collapse )

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2:53 pm - writers_muses 113.6 - Savoir Faire
It is said that my mother was not so much very beautiful but rather that she was charming and and had an undeniable savoir faire.And it was by this that she seduced and charmed her way into my father's heart - and then promptly laughed herself right out of it again. They say Ann Boleyn was a witch and that by her dark arts she was able to hold off my father for six years while he rent asunder the entire fabric of England's government in order to appease her. When at last he had freed himself and England from Papal control, my father the King, married my mother and made her his Queen. It was said he had to marry her for their passion could no longer wait for a crown to be granted to Ann Boleyn. If my father had not, I would have been born a bastard rather than merely being suspected as being conceived out of wedlock. Read more...Collapse )

Muse: Elizabeth I
Fandom: Historical, 'Elizabeth' & 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'
Word Count: 762

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Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
9:50 pm - charloft Wednesday : Through a Pane of Glass
When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Show us a picture that reflects your self-image.Collapse )

Of all the portraits that were created before and during my reign, i would have to say that this one is most in keeping to how I have always seen myself. And as the Latin inscription indicates, 'Non sine sole iris' ('No rainbow without the sun')., I find that has always been true.

current mood: amused

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Sunday, May 17th, 2009
9:13 am - #283 - How Many Languages Do you Speak?
“....though she was only six years old, she spake with as much assurance as a woman over forty. If she be no more educated than she now appeareth to me, she will prove of no less honor and womanhood that shall beseem her father’s daughter” - Thomas Wriothley, December 1539, with regard to Elizabeth's response to the conveyance of the Christmas Greeting of Elizabeth I's Father, Henry VIII

Ten. We read, write and speak, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German and Greek, Flemish, Welsh and Portuguese.

Any successful monarch knows that it is necessary to be able to communicate with all of the diplomats and dignitaries that pay Court to Us as well as to communicate successfully with would-be suitors. Make no mistake, I have had my fair share of men who would have loved nothing more than to by right of a husband to inherit the Throne of England. A woman who is unmarried and is a confirmed virgin has a great deal of power. But for Me my only true spouse has been England, and keeping England out of war and keeping Our country prosperous. These never-ending political endeavours would always have Me staying up late into the night writing letters and state papers to insure exactly that. But how hard is it to understand that it would have been impossible for Philip of Spain could not declare war upon England while the French and the Duc de Anjou were engaged in negotiations for Our hand, and conversely, nor could France declare war upon Us if Spain were engaged in similar suit? Of course, many of Our countrymen do not see the larger picture of all of these negotiations. Walsingham does, as does Lord Burghley.

Court translators do rather have a habit for omitting important things that can turn a situation to the advantage or the disadvantage. Less scrupulous ones will do so for the benefit of those who employ them. And even with more than a few of them at Court, why would I entrust such an important if not oft precarious task of diplomacy entirely to anyone else but Myself? That would be dangerous indeed. A danger to which I am not willing to submit myself nor England. Is England not my birthright, My children, My Spouse?

By God, as long as I live, I shall never entrust such a precious thing as My England to anyone else but Myself.

Muse: Elizabeth I
Fandom: Historical / "Elizabeth" and "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"
Word Count: 336 (not counting historical quote)

Scribal Note:Collapse )

current mood: determined

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Sunday, May 10th, 2009
2:12 pm - 85.2.B - Isak Dinesen Quote
"God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road." - Isak Dinesen

"Tonight, I think I die"

The Tower had errupted in clamour. The clanking of keys, the shuffle and hurried step of the booted feet of soldiers became louder had become as a din, echoing off the cold, stone walls. This place, once housed my mother, Anne Boleyn, before her Coronation, and later was to have become her prison before being executed by my Father. How odd, I thought numbly as I reached for Kat's fingers and squeezed them, that this would be my final home before going to my Eternal Rest. I had entered through the Traitor's Gate. Would it be through that portal that I would leave it for the last time?

It had not mattered that my brother-in-law, Philip of Spain had bade his wife, the Queen, my sister to treat me well with a mind toward reconciliation. Ever the dutiful spouse, she endeavoured to obey the husband that she loved. But the serpent of jealousy, in the form of one of Mary's Councilors, would whisper in her ear that I was ever like my mother, the Concubine, Great Harry's Whore and meant to snatch her husband and his love from her.

The heavy lock of my cell tumbled and released with a loud clank and my heart sunk to my ankles as the Sargent at Arms stepped through the doorway of my cell, flanked on either side by at least four guards armed with pikes. Kat squeezed my hand tighter now and my cousin, Lettice Knowllys clutched my arm fitfully until it dug into my flesh and stung. Read more...Collapse )

Muse: Elizabeth I
Fandom: Hiistorical / "Elizabeth", "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"
Word Count 2553

crossposted to writers_muses

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Monday, February 2nd, 2009
8:05 pm - 267 - In Medias Res
Philip of Spain lay his hand over mine. This was not brotherly care that he was bestowing upon me now. This was undoubtedly his opening bid to be the husband of the next Queen of England, even now while its present Queen, my sister Mary, lie even her chambers dying. It was only by a sheer dominance of my own Will that I did not fling his hand off with all of the rage that was now rising to a heated boil within me!

"I know well enough that you do not wish to leave England's shores," he said," who would ever truly wish to leave their country? But perhaps it may also be because your highest ambitions lie here," he ventured

"What does it matter, Sir, if but if I were to pay a visit to your Aunt in the Spanish Netherlands or to go abroad to meet with my potential bridegroom that you and my sister have selected for me? In either case, you yourself have promised me Your Highness' unwavering support and brotherly care."Read more...Collapse )

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Thursday, January 8th, 2009
10:13 am - Because everyone else has already done it...
RP Mun Friending Meme

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Thursday, December 4th, 2008
12:27 pm - Charloft - Sunday Letter Prompt
July 1593

To King Henry IV of France:

To Our dear Brother, we have heard of your possible apostasy to convert to Catholicism, I knew that I needs must contact you. It has not escaped my awareness that it is difficult to rule as King of France to rule over a Catholic people while yourself are a Protestant. This struggle is not one that I am myself yet unfamiliar with in England after the rule of Our sister. The pledge of allegience by your Catholic subjects if you would but convert cannot be the sole consideration in this matter. Surely the eyes of Spain, so clearly fixt upon France and the desire of Philip to declare his own daughter as sovereign over your Country is indeed worrysome. In spite of what you may have been told by those closest to you, let your eyes be unwaveringly fixt upon the King of Kings in Spain, for if you do not, you cannot expect any of your affairs to prosper.

Pardon me but it is my affection which dares me to speek so freely. Before God, I have no other motive but my love for you. I am amazed to see you betrayed by your own Council, by those closest to you in the world and for you not to have wind of it....For the love of God, do not sleep too long a sleep!

Ah, what griefs, O what regrets, O what groanings I felt in my soul at the sound of such news as Morlains has told me! My God, is it possible that any worldly respect should efface the terror with which the fear of God threatens us? Can we with any reason expect a good sequel from an act so inquitious? He who has preserved you many years by His hand- can you imagine that He would permit you to walk alone in your greatest need? Ah, it is dangerous to do evil to make good out of it; I still hope that a sounder inspiration will come to you. However, I will not cease to place you in the forefront of my devotions, that the hands of Esau may not spoil the blessing of Jacob. And where you promise me all frienship and fidelity, I confess I have dearly merited it, and I will not repent it, provided that you do not change your Father. Otherwise I will be only a bastard sister, at least not your sister by the Father. For I will always prefer the natural to the adopted, as God best knows. May He guide you in the right path of the best way.

Your most assured sister, if it be after the old
fashion; with the new I have nothing to do.

OOC: This letter to King Henry IV (Henry of Nevarre) is assembled from various sources and my own imaginations. In spite of Elizabeth's assistance to Henry of Nevarre and Protestants in France, he did in fact convert to Catholicism in order to stave off Philip of Spain and to insure peaceful rule in his country. This loss was deeply personal to Elizabeth and she was by her own words, "appalled" by this move by Henry.

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Monday, September 22nd, 2008
6:44 pm - 10_letters Table 10B
001Angel 002Beast 003Dark 004Disgust 005Heaven
006Hell 007Light 008Sweet 009Writer's Choice 010Writer's Choice

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
8:10 pm - Commentary for "Intrigue" fic requested by _call_me_snake_
This particular fic deals with probably the most tense time of Elizabeth I's reign. She has been Queen of England for a time, but there are still those, especially within France and the Catholics within her now officially Protestant Country who would like to see her deposed and a Catholic ruler back on the Throne. The most logical choice is Mary, Queen of Scots, the daughter of Mary of Guise, whom we got to see a bit of in the first movie, 'Elizabeth'. Historians have looked at it and Mary Queen of Scots actually did have probably a more legitimate claim than Elizabeth did, but this was about religious factions and ideals staying in control of a country.
Read more...Collapse )

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Saturday, July 26th, 2008
6:36 am - writers_muses 46.7 - Mun Prompt
Talk about the pros and cons of tackling a canon muse versus an OC. Describe why you might favour one over the other. Also, if you choose a canon muse, how do you make yours stand out among all the others?

I have written both canon and OC muses. I don't mind doing canon muses except this constant niggling concern that I seem to get in the back of my head asking, 'Do I really have their voice?' Right now my chief muses are both. I have an OC, Fanny Fae, of course, whose voice never seems to leave me, because I hear that low, elegant timbre of hers in my my head constantly, it seems.

The other Muse, of course, is ElizabethCollapse )

Muses: (plural) Elizabeth I & Fanny Fae
Fandom: Historical and OC
Word Count: 1101

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Monday, July 21st, 2008
9:06 pm - writers_muses 46.6 - Smallpox
"The Pox!" I threw my cup across the room, hitting the stone wall with a clatter. One of my ladies in waiting scampered after the pewter goblet that was now dented beyond all repair. "What in the devil are you talking about! The Pox!" I sneered.

Since my return to London from the filth of Ipswitch, neither brisk walks, nor rides or even a long bath in the afternoon the day before could make me feel better from the fever that had just made itself manifest. No. This man had to be wrong, it had to be the hysteria that had been sweeping all over England or even, so I had been told, as far as France and Spain.

Read more...Collapse )

Muse: Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Fandom: RPF / Historical / 'Elizabeth' & 'Elizabeth The Golden Age'
Word Count: 1426 (does not include quoted text from Thomas Thayer's "Regiment of Life"- c. 16th Century)

Crossposted to writers_muses

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
6:46 pm - borrowed from _call_me_snake_
Reply to this post with anything you'd like and I'll tell you why I friended you and two things I love about how you play your muse. The only catch? You have to repost this as well.

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
11:10 pm - writers_muses 22.7 - Mun Prompt
Mun prompt: How much research is too much research for a new muse? How much is not enough? When do you know the difference?

Admittedly, as a muse, I have not had Elizabeth Tudor (Elizabeth I) very long. In spite of my almost lifelong interest in the Elizabethan period, and endless reading on the subject, it sort of snuck up on me that I might consider taking her up as a muse in the various groups on LJ.

How much research is too much research?

As far as I am concerned, that depends on a number of factors. Of course, when you are writing an historical personage, you want to avail yourself of as much of the most current research into that person. With someone as well known and as beloved as Elizabeth is, the temptation is to read everything there is out there to read. I have read a great deal and when you do that much research you run the risk of letting it interfere with the actual act of writing. It is too much when your research actually blocks you from the act of writing. Because even though research is part and parcel of the craft of Writing, it isn't the act of writing itself. You still have to sit down at the page and write out, from the character's perspective, what those historical events might translate to. When the history and the documentation gets in the way of the voice of the person behind the events then you have gone too far into the research.

I worry about that sometimes with Elizabeth, because the history of the period and the events that happened during her reign were many and staggering. Of course, various historians have different opinions as to the motivations of any of the players within the series of events. For Elizabeth, I wanted her to talk about it. At the core of her reasons for how she ruled, why she never married, how she conducted affairs were simple human emotions and motivations. And even with these still underneath it all, she knew first and foremost that she was entrusted with the goodwill and the good stewardship of her People and her Kingdom. A writer must have an eye and a bit of sympathy toward these sorts of underlying motivations. It's hard to do that if all you are doing is quoting, facts, figures and dates.

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10:02 pm - realmof_themuse - 2.1.B.5 Princes of the Universe
Here we are, born to be kings
We're the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting to survive
In a world with the darkest powers, heh
And here we are, we're the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting for survival
We've come to be the rulers of you all

There was nothing less than the Throne of the World at stake. Collapse )

Muse: Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Fandom: RPF / Historical / 'Elizabeth' and Elizabeth: 'The Golden Age'
Word Count: 1020
crossposted to realmof_themuse

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Sunday, January 13th, 2008
10:22 am - The Devil's Mark (Completely and totally Meta)
She was proud of it.Collapse )

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